The government of Andhra Pradesh has issued a press release highlighting the state’s developmental progress during the last two and a half years. The YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government has stated that the state has had steady growth over the last two and a half years. With industries leaving the state, state-owned enterprises being sold to private corporations, and the state undergoing a serious financial crisis, there are seven indicators which help us to understand weather the state’s growth is steadily decreasing or increasing year after year.

Migration of graduates to other states

Graduates from the state are migrating to other states in search of respectable employment. Graduates from the state primarily go to Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai in search of work. Unlike Andhra Pradesh, these cities do not have any local reservations for private sector jobs, which benefits our graduates.

Increase of Taxes on people

The cost of living in the state, particularly in Vijayawada and Vizag, has increased in the last two years. One of the primary reasons for this is the state government’s imposition of taxes on the common man. Housing taxes have increased, resulting in an increase in house rents; fuel prices have increased, resulting in an increase in the prices of basic commodities; electricity charges have increased, affecting small commercial establishments; and the state government recently announced plans to implement a garbage tax. States that experience rapid industrial expansion are less likely to impose taxes on the average citizen, as industrial establishments generate consistent revenue.

Increase of Unemployment

According to the National Crime Records (NCR) department, unemployment accounts for 6.5 percent of suicides in the state. According to the previous year’s records, numerous youngsters committed suicide in the state due to a lack of job notifications from the state government and a scarcity of private jobs as industrial development halted. With a uncertain future ahead of them, approximately 300 unemployed teenagers committed suicide during the last two years. Five persons have committed suicide in the Kurnool district alone over the last five months. According to the NCR, suicide rates among unemployed youngsters are increasing.

Roads in the state

Roads are critical to the prosperity of any state or country; the majority of industrialized and developing countries invest billions of dollars in road connections. However, the state of Andhra Pradesh has some of the worst roads in the country. The state administration is showing no interest in repairing the damaged roads, and in many areas, residents are filling potholes on their own.

Declining Revenue

If the state’s development is accelerating, why isn’t the state’s revenue expanding at the same rate? When a state or country develops, the taxes paid by businesses contribute to the increase in revenue. However, the state of Andhra Pradesh’s government claims that the state’s consistent progressive growth has not resulted in an increase in the state’s treasury revenue.

Telangana finance Minister comments

Harish Rao, Telangana’s finance minister, remarked during a meeting that the Andhra Pradesh government is one of the reasons behind Hyderabad’s growth. Andhra Pradesh’s investments have shifted to Hyderabad as a result of immature government policies.

YSRCP leaders investing outside the state

When the state’s economy is growing steadily, most ruling party members invest their money outside the state, primarily in Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Additionally, most of their real estate interests are in adjacent states. All members of the ruling party are businessmen with established enterprises in Hyderabad, yet they are unwilling to relocate or extend their operations to Andhra Pradesh.

Finally, Andhra Pradesh is resembling Bihar in the early 2000’s. Migration of skilled and unskilled workers to other states in search of work is one indicator of a state’s ability to develop at a constant rate. Currently, the state’s developmental growth is declining at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, many intellectuals are silent in opposing the government policies that potentially ruin the growth of the states.


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