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Hyderabad: State IT and Municipal Minister KTR has been invited as the chief guest at the Artificial Intelligence Show to be held in Dubai. Jumeirah Emirates Tower in Dubai will be the venue for the event on 7th and 8th June. In the invitation sent to Minister KTR, the organizers stated that under the leadership of Minister KTR, Telangana has achieved remarkable progress in IT and IT related fields and participation of such leaders in their meeting will add value to the meeting. The meeting in Dubai will be attended by government representatives as well as representatives of companies from various sectors such as health sector, retail sector, manufacturing, banking finance, real estate and transportation.

Successful experiences in the field of artificial intelligence and their results will be presented in this conference. The organizers revealed that the participants from different countries will explain their experiences in the field of artificial intelligence in addition to discussing the benefits of artificial intelligence in these sectors which are most important to Dubai. He said that the presence of Minister KTR will greatly inspire Indian technology professionals in Dubai, especially the Telugu diaspora.

He said there will be an opportunity to get inspiration from the experiences of Telangana as well as foreign countries especially from the Middle East and African region. As part of the 41st Global Edition of Verbal Artificial Intelligence Show, awards will be presented to organizations and individuals who have achieved excellent results in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


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