Amit Shah met Telangana intellectuals, poets, artists, activists and celebrities on 29

Hyderabad: Union Home Minister Amit Shah is planning a state department program where Union Home Minister Amit Shah will meet intellectuals, activists, poets, artists, industrialists, sociologists, academics, various castes, social groups and leaders of the state. Party leaders participated in a meeting chaired by state president Kishan Reddy at the party’s state office on Tuesday.

On the afternoon of the 29th, Amit Shah planned a meeting with party office bearers, conveners of assembly constituencies in Telangana, district presidents and other chief leaders. During this meeting, Amit Shah will give direction to the party ranks regarding bringing the party to power in Telangana under any circumstances. BJP state department is ready to organize special programs with Telangana intellectuals during Amit Shah’s visit. Amit Shah will be coming to Telangana for the first time after Kishan Reddy took charge as the state president. Elections to the state assembly will be held later this year. With this, they will discuss the issue of institutional strengthening of BJP in the state with the leaders.


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