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Hyderabad: Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy, who is facing charges in connection with Viveka’s murder case, concluded the arguments on the plea filed in the Telangana High Court for anticipatory bail on Friday. Avinash Reddy’s lawyer argued for 5 hours and YS Sunitha’s lawyer for an hour. In this order, the lawyers of the CBI will hear their arguments on Saturday. The High Court said that it will hear arguments at 10.30 am on Saturday. Earlier, the plaintiff had heated arguments in the High Court on the bail petition of Avinash Reddy.

Avinash Reddy’s lawyer Uma Maheswara Rao heard arguments before the vacation bench judge Justice M Laxman. Later, the judge asked the lawyers of Sunitha and CBI how much time they wanted for their arguments. They said that it would take an hour. If so, the trial will end on Friday itself, otherwise the arguments will be heard after the summer vacation, the judge clarified. As part of this, the lawyers for Avinash Reddy and Sunitha completed their arguments on Friday. Lawyer Umamaheswa Ra Rao asked what is the connection of Avinash Reddy with Rs.4 crores. Dastagiri said in his testimony that Gangireddy gave Rs. 1 crore, but did he say that the money was given by Avinash? He argued that.

Umamaheswara Rao said that no case has been registered anywhere where Avinash Reddy influenced the witnesses. Soon Sunitha’s lawyer L Ravichander gave arguments. It was brought to the attention of the court that Avinash Reddy was saying something no matter how many times the CBI gave notices to attend the investigation. It was argued that the anticipatory bail petition was filed once again with the intention that the investigation of the case had come to an end as the mother had recently said that she was ill. Besides, photos of hundreds of Avinash’s supporters protesting at the Vishwabharti Hospital in Kurnool were submitted to the court. After hearing the arguments of both sides, the bench adjourned the hearing on Saturday to hear arguments on behalf of the CBI.


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