Bad Habit after Meal: Do you’ve gotten a behavior of smoking or ingesting tea after consuming rice?

It is a behavior of some people to smoke a cigarette after having rice within the afternoon. Or ingesting tea or consuming one thing candy. They say that provided that they do one thing like this, they may really feel happy after having lunch. But consultants are of the opinion that this behavior will not be excellent for well being. So let’s see a few of the common habits that may have an adversarial impact on well being.

Smoking : Smoking is mostly not an excellent behavior for well being. It causes most cancers and respiratory illnesses. The same goes for smoking to calm down after consuming. If the metabolism slows down, the fats accumulates within the physique and this results in weight problems. So it’s higher to keep away from the behavior of smoking after consuming. 


Drinking tea: Some people have a behavior of ingesting tea or espresso after lunch. If you don’t eat it, it’s like having an habit. They solely get peace in the event that they eat it over rice. However, ingesting this tea and low can be not good for well being. Caffeine in tea and low impacts our digestive system. Hence it’s a purpose for growing acidity issues.

Bathing instantly after consuming: It will not be an excellent behavior to take a shower after consuming one thing. It impacts our digestive system. It is a behavior of many people to eat when they’re hungry. After that, go and take a fast bathtub. It doesn’t permit us to digest our meals correctly. If the meals will not be digested correctly, it results in bloating and the physique doesn’t get vitamins correctly, thus resulting in weight problems and digestive issues. 


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