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Telangana State Convener of ‘OP’ Dr. Diddi Sudhakar
Manipur BJP Sarkar demanded to be sacked
AAP ‘Chalo Raj Bhavan’, Blocked Police, Tension, Arrests

Hyderabad: Aam Aadmi Party Telangana State Convener Dr. Diddi Sudhakar said that the central and state BJP governments are fanning the flames of hatred and frenzy among the people in the state of Manipur. Duyya said that hundreds of people have died and thousands have become homeless due to murders, rapes and looting, countless churches and places of worship have been destroyed and the administration of the state of Manipur has come to a standstill, but Prime Minister Modi has proved his incompetence by opening his mouth. The Aam Aadmi Party staged a ‘Chalo Raj Bhavan’ demonstration from AAP’s state office in Hyderabad, Liberty, on Tuesday demanding the dismissal of the Manipur BJP government and the establishment of peace. Hundreds of AAP cadres held placards and raised slogans calling for the dismissal of the Manipur BJP government, the silence of the Prime Minister, the resignation of the incompetent Home Minister Amit Shah and the establishment of peace.

When the police tried to stop the AAP demonstration, the situation turned tense as a fierce scuffle broke out between the AAP workers and the police. Some AAP leaders sat on the road protesting the behavior of the police. The police forcefully arrested them and took them to different police stations in the city. Speaking to the media on this occasion, Dr. Diddi Sudhakar expressed anger that the BJP governments at the center and states are trying to destroy the feelings of democracy, federalism and protection of human rights. The self-proclaimed universalist Prime Minister Modi’s ‘deaf silence’ is evil despite the complete breakdown of law and order in Manipur, causing massive disruption to citizens’ lives, livelihoods and properties. While Manipur is burning, Prime Minister Modi has become ‘silent’, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has become ‘incompetent’ and Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh has become ‘useless’.

As the political, administrative and law and order situation in the state of Manipur has suddenly broken down, Prime Minister Modi should take moral responsibility and immediately dismiss the Biren Singh government of Manipur. In this presentation AAP Telangana core committee members Burra Ramu Goud, Dr. Hari Charan, official representatives Praveen Kumar Yadav, Parikshan, Vinay, AAP youth wing state president Sardar Randhir Singh Rana, working president Vijay Mallangi, student wing state president Suresh Babu, AAP auto union president Rudraksha Mallesh, Mushirabad constituency convener T. Rakesh Singh, leaders Afasa Begum, Arshiya, Wajid and others participated.

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  1. “Alarming report on the political unrest in Manipur and the AAP’s protest in Hyderabad. 🚩 It raises critical questions about the state of democracy and human rights in the region. 🤝 #PoliticalUnrest #HumanRights”

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