CM Jagan did a lengthy exercise on the composition of the AP Cabinet .. Contrary to his Nizam made last minute changes and additions .. 11 people were given a chance to keep the old two. But what is the reason behind this composition ..? Brother Anil's strategy is the reason ..? Will that party declare BC as their CM candidate ..?

AP cabinet Recently held in Andhra Pradesh  There is a political debate going on over the cabinet purge. Especially as never before YCP Dissent was heard against the superior. Those who were brave loyalists to Jagan also revolted against him . The disagreement was postponed for the time being as soon as the CM was alerted. But the oppositions are criticizing the cabinet. Jagan has been criticized for giving posts to those who want to leave the party. Another topic has now come to the fore. Behind the composition of the cabinet, some political analysts say that brother Anil Kumar is influential. This became a headache for Jagan Sarkar.

Recently in Vijayawada Such suspicions thinking seems natural if you look at the press meet given by Brother Anil’s followers in (Vijayawada). CM Jagan says that impact has fallen on the composition of the cabinet. The YCP factions say that they have supported the YCP’s solid victory in the last elections and have gathered the support of the BC, SC and ST communities behind the scenes. But Brother Anil, who recently held a meeting in Visakhapatnam, made key remarks. He commented that the factions that sided with Jagan in the last elections are now being oppressed. That’s why he’s listening to their problems himself. Political analysts say that’s the impact on the latest cabinet expansion.
Anil in Jagan Adda soon. Brother Anil, who has already toured Uttarandhra as well as Coastal areas, is soon preparing to tour the Rayalaseema region where Jagan is hardened. Anil is going on a tour targeting SC and ST along with the large BC population there. One faction is campaigning that Anil is strategically moving pieces to distance himself from Jagan, who was initially leaning towards the YCP, and to include him in their party.

In particular, his followers say that many former ministers, MLAs, former IAS and IPS are in talks with Brother Anil Kumar. Brother Anil played a key role behind the scenes in turning the BC, ST and ST communities in favor of the YCP in the 2019 elections. Anil’s followers are of the opinion that now the same factions are dissatisfied with the YCP government. It seems that Brother Anil, who noticed that dissatisfaction, is now in the process of cashing in on it. As part of this, there is speculation that a new party will be formed and the BC leader will be announced as the CM candidate for that party.

As soon as the matter reached the CM, there was a propaganda that the YCP was now focusing on the BC factions. As part of that, political analysts are of the view that BCs and SCs have been given high priority in the latest cabinet. Clarity is likely to come after the Rayalaseema tour on Anil’s new party anyway.


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