Committees at the state and district level for the process

CS Somesh in a meeting with the unions

Hyderabad, December 5 : Chief Secretary to the Government Somesh Kumar said that cadre-wise options would be given to the employees and allotment would be given. He told the union leaders that state and district level committees would be set up to complete the process smoothly. CS met with representatives of TGVO and TNGVO associations on Sunday as per the directions of CM KCR. Local cadre-wise posts and allocation of employees to the newly formed districts within the joint districts were discussed with them. They also discussed the allocation of posts and employees by districts, zones and multizones as per the Presidential directives. According to union representitives, the new retirement plan is targeted at lower paid employees, leaving higher paid employees to enjoy the same benefits as before. However, TNGVO president Mamilla Rajender said they had asked the CSA to expedite the division of labor. CS has taken their advice and suggestions in this regard. Meanwhile, TJVO president Mamata urged all types of employees to co-operate in the division of labor. He said the options will be available this month and offline.


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