Mana Telangana, Hyderabad: State Women’s Commission Chairman Sunitha Lakshmareddy saved the life and cash of a woman passenger in distress. They chased the auto for about one kilometer and arrested the auto driver and the women who were with him. Going into the details, they are returning to another program after wishing the Muslim brothers a happy Ramadan in Narsapur, Medak district. The auto driver who had already trapped the woman and his assistant stopped the auto on the side of the road near BVRIT Engineering College and stabbed the woman passenger’s throat with a leather rope.

The woman screamed loudly when she saw Sunita Lakshmareddy’s vehicle passing by. The auto driver and his assistant tried to flee after she stopped the convoy on hearing the cries. While getting the details from the victim woman, the auto driver increased the speed and chased the auto for a kilometer and arrested the two. A rubber rope was taken from them and handed over to the victim. Sunitha Lakshmareddy, who gave courage to the victim, has been identified by the police as belonging to Thallapally of Sangareddy district.


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