Hyderabad: Chinese households in Hyderabad ushered within the Lunar New Year on Saturday, marking the Year of the Dragon, thought of probably the most auspicious signal within the Chinese zodiac. This 12 months’s celebrations have been held on a muted word following the latest passing of the founding father of the Hyderabad Overseas Chinese Friendship Association, Chiu Li Mei.

The households gathered at the Mahabodhi Buddha Vihar in Mahendra Hills. This marked the primary time they celebrated at this Buddhist temple, providing prayers and exchanging greetings.

The affiliation, boasting over 55 households, descended from the households hailing from Shan Tong, Hubei, Canton, Mei Jhou and Mainland China. They arrived in Secunderabad as early because the Forties and began dwelling in what was then known as Oxford Street, now renamed Sarojini Devi Road.

Yuking Yu, whose father was among the many early Chinese settlers, highlighted the importance of the gathering: “Families came together for prayers and festivities, reminding us of our roots and strengthening bonds despite being born and raised here.”

Due to the temple’s practices, the customary celebratory feast was changed with vegetarian fare. Most Chinese eating places owned by the group remained closed as a mark of respect for Chiu Li Mei.

Families held smaller gatherings of their properties, upholding traditions and cherishing the chance to reconnect. For Samantha Moi Yuan Yu, a third-generation Chinese resident and airline cabin crew supervisor, these celebrations maintain immense worth: “Each Lunar New Year brings renewed excitement as we meet relatives and friends. Our parents ensured we follow our traditions, reminding us of our heritage.”

The Year of the Dragon, symbolising energy, ambition, and luck, is believed to deliver optimistic vitality and prosperity. While marked with a contact of disappointment, the Chinese group in Hyderabad stays dedicated to preserving their cultural heritage and celebrating their traditions on this vibrant Indian city.


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