Our Telangana/Hyderabad: Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhara Rao has ordered the officials to take measures to help the farmers. A meeting was held with the officials at Pragati Bhavan on Thursday. On this occasion, the CM ordered CS Shantikumari along with the concerned officials to take steps to provide the financial assistance announced by the government to the crops that were damaged due to untimely rains and hailstorms. KCR held a review on crop loss, fallow lands, distribution of sheep, Grilahakshmi scheme and other issues at Pragathi Bhavan on Tuesday. It is known that CM KCR recently toured the field and visited the farmers in the wake of crop damage due to hailstorms. He announced that Rs.10,000 per acre of crop damage will be deposited in the farmer’s accounts. In this meeting, the CM ordered the officials to implement the decision of the government. KCR directed that the District Collectors should conduct a cluster-wise survey with the Local Agricultural Officers (KIOs) and collect the complete information about the crop damage and submit it to the government.

He directed CS Shantikumari and Agriculture Secretary Raghunandan Rao to initiate immediate action in this regard. The CM made it clear that the funds should be directly deposited in the bank accounts of the farmers whose crops were damaged. CM KCR ordered the officials to start the second phase of sheep distribution program. It was clarified that the sheep should be bought under the leadership of the collectors. That is how the business of buying and distributing sheep should be done. Also, KCR suggested that steps should be taken to provide financial assistance of Rs. 3 lakhs for the construction of houses to the deserving poor who have their own land. He clarified that duties and procedures should be formulated to this extent. The CM asked whether the authorities are ready to distribute waste land to the deserving people in view of the fact that the government has already taken steps towards a permanent solution to the problems of waste land in the state. Officials told the CM that passbooks have been prepared to provide Podu Patlas to 1.55 lakh eligible people in respect of 4 lakh acres. On this occasion, the CM said that the date of distribution of the diplomas will be announced soon.

Bhadradri Ramaiah Temple Rs

On the occasion of Sri Rama Navami, CM KCR has sanctioned funds of Rs. Bhadrachalam Devasthanam has lost income for two years due to Corona. In this context, on the request of Devadaya Department, the CM has decided to allocate special funds of Rs. The CM ordered the officials to organize Sitaram’s welfare mahotsava grandly. He advised the devotees to take steps without any difficulties. CS Shantikumari, Finance Department Special Chief Secretary Ramakrishna Rao, Revenue Secretary Naveen Mittal, Agriculture Secretary Raghunandan Rao, Disaster Management Secretary Rahul Bojja, CM Principal Secretary Narsinga Rao, CM Secretaries Rajasekhar Reddy, Bhupal Reddy and many public representatives participated in this meeting.


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