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Siddipet: State Finance and Medical Health Minister Tanniru Harish Rao hailed CM KCR’s rule as a golden era in welfare. He participated and spoke as the chief guest in the welfare day organized at the government boys high school grounds in the district center on Friday as part of the Telangana state birth decade celebrations. He demanded that if BJP people love Telangana, they should fulfill the partition promises. Are Telangana-style schemes being implemented in BJP and Congress-ruled areas? Harish Rao asked.

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The BJP government has given 157 medical colleges across the country but not a single one to Telangana. He called upon the people to stop the BJP, which is cheating every time Telangana is asked. Harish Rao complained that the Congress had ruled for 60 years and had done nothing. The culture of kissing the children born to people has been criticized by the BJP. CM KCR said that the KCR scheme has reached every home in the state, Telangana has become an education zone and the poor people live happily and healthily. Harish Rao appreciated that Telangana became an example for the country during the nine-year rule of KCR. Harish Rao said that nutrition kits will be distributed across the state from the 14th of this month.

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