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HYDERABAD: Minister of IT and Municipal Administration KTR said that it is the responsibility of all of us to keep the environment of Tankbund clean, which gives pleasure and happiness to the city people and tourists and enhances the brand image of Hyderabad. Minister KTR appealed to the tourists on his Twitter to maintain cleanliness in the tourist places which are a source of pride for us just like the house where we live. He said that Maniharam is the tankbund of the metropolis and the tankbund is a symbol of centuries of solid history. Accordingly, Minister KTR said on Twitter that the government has taken the beautification of the Tankbund ambitiously and added more touches to this unique structure and made the Tankbund the most beautiful.

The minister released the video on Twitter
Tankbund is becoming the hub of the metropolis. The government is shaping it wonderfully. It is against this backdrop that tourists flock to Tankbund in the evening and during holidays. It is against this backdrop that tourists are making Tankbund unhygienic. At night, food items, cakes and other waste are dumped on the tankbund. As a result, the entire area is not only becoming unhygienic, but it is causing trouble to nature lovers and walkers who come in the morning. As this matter came to the attention of the government, the Minister of Urban Development and Municipalities KTR released a video on his Twitter account.


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