Celebrities have an enormous fan following. No surprise, multinational firms use their ‘star appeal’ and ‘face value’ to endorse their merchandise. From vests to hair oil, shampoos to toothpastes. But some intelligent desi product packaging and advertising gimmicks will go away even one of the best advertising gurus scratching their brains.

Saunter inside any firecracker shop and you’ll find Sridevi or Katrina Kaif phuljhadi. Those who like some bombastic noise can attempt the Sallu sutali bombs and the Dhoni rocket! When it involves magnificence and magnificence, Zayn Malik, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Priyanka Chopra lead the pack. Go to any neighbourhood barber shop, be it in metros or mofussil cities, you can be greeted by One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik’s haircut posters. For girls, be it bridal make-up or child showers, you might have Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s visage gracing the partitions. A visit to dental clinics and Priyanka Chopra’s pearly whites smile at you. But the all-time favourites of political party employees after ballot outcomes are the Gabbar Singh ladi (a purple string of 10,000 tiny crackers), Amitabh Bachchan fireworks, Laxmi bombs, and SRK sky rockets!

It is the straightforward math of celeb ‘face value’ with out shelling out a single penny to the celebrities concerned. The psychology of those ‘unintentional’ movie star endorsements works wonders for small-town entrepreneurs and savvy shop house owners. It boosts income, imbibes a way of credibility, and has wonderful recall worth for shoppers — Ek packet Sridevi phuljadi dena or Zayn Malik jaissa haircut hona…. works immediately!


Celebrity faces have lengthy been favourites of entrepreneurs. Supreet Kaur, a picture marketing consultant and picture enhancement coach weighs in on the psyche behind people flocking in to buy merchandise or go for companies with their favorite movie star’s face. “The perception of celebrities as cultural icons exerts an influence on people’s self-image, prompting them to replicate their looks in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle,” Supreet says. She explains that people are inclined to buy merchandise with a star’s face because of components like social affect, want for standing, and the idea that adopting a star’s look will improve their attractiveness and success. While celebrities don’t draw back from model endorsements, shoppers don’t draw back by following the breadcrumbs provided by enterprise house owners to duplicate their magnificence and options. Jayesh Asher, Head Consultant, The Resource 24×7, acontent advertising consultancy says, “Celebrity endorsements offer positive perceived values in the eyes of their fans. The brand becomes an overnight sensation once it is linked to a well-known celebrity and leaves a long-lasting impression in the minds of people.”

Interestingly, Zayn Malik grew to become a stylish subject on X when Twitteratis could not resist cracking jokes at his haircut’s expense. When his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid attended the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC) launch in Mumbai, she was as a substitute greeted with a firestorm on Twitter. Netizens spammed the mannequin with questions asking if she stumbled throughout her sizzling boyfriend’s new swanky coiffure and face plastered on each desi barbershop.


The emotional attraction for a favorite movie star performs a big position, evoking constructive emotions and loyalty in the direction of a product. Products with movie star faces are sometimes perceived to have greater worth and high quality. For instance, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaqueline Fernandez and the late Sridevi’s face on fire-crackers result in extra gross sales because of people’s perceived likeness and picture concerning these A-listers. Similarly, the development of Justin Beiber’s classic haircut posters despatched younger boys speeding to salons to appear like their favorite popstar. Shashi Sinha, Chief Business Officer, Media and Advertising of a multinational retail agency explains the mindset behind advertisers and entrepreneurs in utilizing movie star faces. Sinha says, “The goal behimd marketing and advertising is to create awareness, affinity, and persuasion. Brands benefit from the hardearned affinity and perceived awareness of celebrities and gain a rub-off effect which leads to quick adoption of products.”

As to how a lot income is generated from a star ‘non consensual’endorsement of merchandise? “Assigning a fixed revenue and success of a product solely due to a celebrity’s face can be challenging. While the quality of the product itself plays a role, celebrity endorsements undoubtedly drive increased sales and adoption,” provides Sinha. Various analysis and research like those performed by Harvard and Wharton Neuroscience underscore that movie star picture results in greater gross sales enhance and instil confidence in shoppers for a product. Dr Rimpa Sarkar, medical psychologist, Sentier Minds says, “Encountering celebrity faces in gyms, salons, and yoga posters motivates individuals to surpass their initial expectations and aim for positive and better results.”


Celebrities keep strict insurance policies concerning the honest use of their picture and likeness by manufacturers. They can demand honest compensation underneath the Right to Publicity Act. Offenders who exploit movie star photographs to create unrealistic expectations could face penalties or fines if caught. However, the Right to Publicity Act continues to be in a nascent stage in India. It limits a star’s skill to take strict motion towards such infringements. In conclusion, whereas using movie star faces by shop house owners undoubtedly boosts gross sales and creates a way of aspiration, it’s important to navigate potential copyright issues responsibly. Shop house owners ought to search licences when utilizing movie star photographs to keep away from authorized problems.

Moreover, shoppers ought to be reminded that whereas admiring celebrities is pure, it’s essential to not fall prey to unrealistic expectations set by airbrushed photographs or edited appearances.


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