YCP leader Kodali Nani and TDP leader Vangaveeti Radha are both craze leaders in AP politics. The two continue their friendship despite being from different parties. It is common for YCP and TDP leaders to make accusations on a number of issues. Kodali Nani is also constantly criticizing Chandrababu. In return, TDP leaders are also targeting Kodali Nani. But the war of words does not seem to have had an impact on the affiliation of Kodali Nani and Radha.

Minister Kodali Nani and Vangaveeti Radha recently attended the funeral of former Municipal Vice Chairman Adapa Venkata Ramana (Babji) in Gudivada. Babji pays tribute to sudden death. On this occasion the two of them were most commonly seen sitting in an auto and drinking tea. Kodali Nani has been campaigning for some time to bring his friend Radha into the VCP. But did not materialize. However, many are commenting that Vangaveeti Radha will not be as close to TDP leaders as Kodali Nani.


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