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Hyderabad: HMDA has issued a legal notice to PCC chief Revanth Reddy. HMDA has issued this legal notice to him in the case of outer ring road lease. It has been asked to issue a written statement through the media along with a public apology within 48 hours for the criticisms made so far. Otherwise, it has been clarified that a legal case (civil and criminal action) must be filed. Access Legal, a law firm that issued a legal notice on behalf of HMDA, said that Revanth’s comments were baseless and misleading. It said that his comments were damaging to the image of HMDA and damaging the morale of the officers working in it.

Access Legal said in its notices that Revanth commented that 10 percent advance payment should be paid by referring to matters not included in the concessional agreement regarding the ORR (Outer Ring Road) lease, and that IRB, the company that got the contract, requested to extend the due date, which is not true. According to the agreement, the concession fee or the amount specified in the bid must be paid within 120 days of the execution of the concession agreement. Advocate P. Mohit Reddy on behalf of Access Legal stated in the notices that Revanth alleged that a retired person named BNL Reddy was brought in as Managing Director to finalize the tender process, but due to the transfer of the current MD, another person was hired with full additional charge.

It was stated that HMDA has acted in accordance with the rules in finalizing the ORR tender, IRB has not adopted a biased attitude towards the organization and the organization has previous experience of operating toll gates on several national highways. He accused Revanth of making false comments through media conferences to gain political mileage. Revanth has been warned not to distort the facts and tarnish the image of HMDA on the ORR lease.
Revanth responded to the notices…
But Revanth responded to the said notice. In the case of the ORR lease, he made it clear that he had mentioned the issues in the concession agreement and the tender process, he had not distorted the facts and there was no need to apologize. He revealed that he is ready to fight legally and he is bound by the arguments and criticisms raised by him.


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