Telangana, Hyderabad: The CIT officials have intensified the investigation in the case of leakage of TSPSC question papers. The accused arrested in the question paper leakage case are being interrogated by the SIT officials who took them into custody on Friday. The police filed a petition in the Nampally court to remand the accused for ten days, but the court allowed only six days. So Praveen Kumar, Atla Rajasekhar, Renuka Rathore, Dakya, Ketawat Rajeshwar, Ketawat Nilesh Naik, Patlawat Gopal Naik, Ketawat Srinivas, Ketawat Rajendrana Naik were brought from Chanchalguda Jail to SIT office. Keeping the others there, the main accused Praveen and Rajasekhar Reddy were brought to the TSPSC office on Saturday for scene reconstruction. As part of the investigation, the police have decided to reconstruct the scene to find out how the crime took place. As part of the scene reconstruction, the SIT officials asked Praveen and Rajasekhar Reddy about the manner of the crime.

Moreover, the officials took the two to the confidential room of TSPSC and interrogated them. Section Officer Shankar Lakshmi examined the computer in the presence of the two accused. As the question paper was leaked from that computer, they were interrogated there. They inquired about how they opened the computer, changed the IP addresses and hacked into the computer. Shankarlakshmi, Praveen and Rajasekhar inquired about their relationship. He inquired whether Shankarlakshmi had hacked the passwords or found them written somewhere in her diary. After reconstructing the scene with the two, they were taken to the SIT’s office in Himayat Nagar. Two computers in the TSPSC office were seized by the police and taken away. It is known that the police will interrogate all the accused sitting together.

Ask about those who bought the question papers…

It is learned that the SIT officials are inquiring about those who bought the question papers from the accused. The SIT officials are trying to find out the details of how many job question papers have been leaked and to whom they have been sold. After knowing the details of those who bought the question papers of the previous exams, they will also be detained and investigated. Besides, the police is conducting an in-depth investigation on how much the question papers were sold and who took the money. They are inquiring as to where the accused have hidden the money. If the money is deposited in the bank, the police are planning to seize it.


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