Hyderabad: State president of BJP Bandi Sanjay reacted sharply to the comments made by the state IT minister KTR that BJP is involved in the TSPSC paper leakage case. Bandi Sanjay spoke to the media on Saturday. If the BJP is involved in the paper leak, why is it not being arrested? Aren’t you the one in power? We are asking.. there are mistakes of the IT department in the paper leakage. That is why we are asking for dismissal. “If you are not really guilty, why are you not being investigated by the sitting judge,” he asked. I have replied to the notices given by the State Women’s Commission. They recorded my statement.

I answered their questions. He revealed that I have no other intention except to mention only the proverb in Telangana. Bandi referred to KTR’s comments that Sanjay has no common sense… “People know who has common sense… and who doesn’t. He does not have the intelligence to conduct the exam properly.. He is talking about common sense. Why did intermediate children die under whose control? Why lakhs of farmers are suffering due to Dharani? Within his department.. he at least cares if children die after being bitten by a puppy…

He accused them of speaking irresponsibly and not caring if people die by falling into the canals. Since 2010, Rajasekhar has been working closely with him… Why has the thief not been found all these years? Any organization hires someone after knowing their background. And what did TSPSC do in the case of Rajasekhar? He asked.
The hype on social media is untrue

Bandi said that it is not wrong to leak things that are good for the society, but on the other hand, it is wrong to act in the name of leaks to damage the reputation. “I don’t think the Women’s Commission has given a leak in my case. He asked the Women’s Commission to give an explanation on the campaign going on in the name of leaks to the media. He said that he replied in writing to the notices given by the commission.


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