Hyderabad: State Health and Finance Minister Tanniru Harish Rao has said that people will be crowned with development first. The minister stated that the people were cheated in the past. He said that TRS has brought many schemes for the people of the state. It is outrageous that BJP leaders are talking about occult worshipers. The minister reminded that they came to power through democratic movements. Harish alleged that it was the BJP that had set up courses on tantric education. They said that the BJP is making accusations because they are afraid of losing in Munugoda. The minister demanded to tell what BJP has done to Telangana. BJP comes to power in the name of religion. He said that the government is implementing exorcism course in UP. He said that no one knows sorcery and religious riots as well as the BJP. Bandi said better if Sanjay goes to UP and takes exorcism course. Because the Telangana schemes are good, the central government is copying them and implementing them in the country, changing the names, isn’t it true? Minister Harish asked.


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