Jammi tree, Palapitta are part of Telangana culture, let’s preserve it

Green challenge to pass on Jammi uniqueness of our mythology to future generations: MP Joginapally

On the occasion of Dussehra, there is a program of planting trees in every village and temple.

Planting trees and growing greenery should be a part of the way of life: Minister Indrakaran Reddy

Hyderabad: MP Joginapalli Santhosh Kumar said that the government has recognized the Jammi trees as the state tree of Telangana and the palpitta as the state bird since the Vedic period. The innovative program launched by Green India Challenge with the intention of establishing Telangana state tree Jammi in every village and every temple has entered its second year. Forest Environment Minister Indrakaran Reddy, MP Kotha Prabhakar Reddy, Forest Corporation Chairman Onteru Pratap Reddy and Government Advisor Ramanachari along with MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar formally inaugurated the second batch of jammi saplings at Kothaguda Botanical Gardens Urban Forest Park.

On the occasion of Dussehra festival, the Forest and Forest Departments have prepared proposals to plant one lakh and twenty thousand Jammi saplings in all the villages and temples together with the Green India Challenge. Santosh Kumar spoke on the occasion after releasing the poster of the programme.

Jammi trees, which are endangered due to many reasons, should be kept in every village and every temple due to its uniqueness. On behalf of Green India Challenge, it has been revealed that we have taken the slogan Uru Uruko Jammi Chettu – Jammi Chettu for Gudigudi. The MP thanked the Forest and Revenue Departments for their support in this program.

He said that in Telangana it is customary to worship Jammi tree on Dussehra and it is also a custom to exchange Jammi leaves to relatives and wish good luck to all. In view of these priorities, Minister Indrakaran Reddy said that on the occasion of the upcoming Dussehra Navratri festival, MP Santhosh Kumar is invited to take up Jammichettu per village-Gudigudiko Jammi Chettu programme. It was revealed that an initiative is being taken by the Devadaya Department to plant and grow jammi trees in all the temples across the state.

New MP Prabhakar Reddy said that it is happy that Santhosh Kumar, who is a young MP, is giving priority to culture as well as environment. On behalf of the Forest Corporation, Chairman Onteru Pratap Reddy said that the Uru Uruko Jammi Chettu – Gudigudiko Jammi program will be taken widely to the public.

Government Advisor KV Ramanchari spoke. He recalled that Chief Minister KCR declared the Jammi Chettu as the state tree when Telangana state came into existence. MP Santhosh Kumar congratulated MP Santosh Kumar for his great idea to share Jammini, which has been a part of daily life since Vedic times, in the village temple and school.

MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar as Honorary President of Botanical Gardens Walkers Association

Santhosh said that the Kottaguda Botanical Gardens Urban Forest Park has gained special importance as an oxygen hub for the IT corridor and the surrounding areas, as a daily walking area and as a recreation area for families on weekends. He praised that this forest area spread over 270 acres has now become a nature forest with the initiative of the government and forest department. During today’s meeting, Botanical Gardens Walkers Association unanimously elected MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar as their president. On this occasion, the MP assured that he will try his best to preserve the uniqueness of the botanical gardens.

On the occasion of Vajrotsava celebrations, MP Santosh Kumar along with Minister Indrakaran Reddy unveiled the Run for Peace program poster and T-shirts organized by Walkers Association.


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