Nani said the real estate traders were traveling in pursuit of the farmers and the real estate traders were also using the farmers. Speaking on the occasion, he made key remarks on the Amravati Farmers’ Padayatra and Chandrababu. The minister said that it would have been better if the pilgrimage had been named as a pilgrimage to atone for the sins committed. Chandrababu Tabe Darlu is traveling blindfolded to the judges for Rs. He alleged that Chandra Babu Naidu was the producer, director, writer and director of Padayatra. Chandrababu is converting his black money into white money in the name of this trip.

Nani questioned how those who prevented the government from giving houses to the poor in the Amravati area would become farmers if they prevented social inequality. No real farmer would think this way. Lokesh… Chandranna Danny says God, to whom God wants to tell. Lokesh wanted to be shown to a psychiatrist. Isn’t it true that Lokesh turns around by giving voters Rs 1500 and Rs 2000 per vote in the heap? He asked. Chandrababu Emmelyne Kada కు Handrineva did not say why he did not bring water to the heap from 1989 till now. Lokesh says that in two years, what will happen? Why did Chandrababu not go to Kappam even once in these two years. When the election came for the father and sons, did the pile come to mind?


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