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Hyderabad: State IT and Industries Minister KTR said that there is a need for the central government to recognize the state that contributes to the development of the country. Telangana State, which was once a desert region, is now turning into a granary for India. At this juncture, we have requested and have been demanding the central government to support Telangana irrigation projects by providing national project status in the past. Minister KTR today reiterated the same demand through Twitter. In this regard, the 13th meeting of the Southern Regional Federation Standing Committee was held in Chennai on the 6th of this month.

Chief secretaries of southern states participated in that meeting. On behalf of Telangana, concerned officials including Chief Secretary Shanti Kumari attended the meeting. In this meeting, pending partition issues, national status for Kaleshwaram and Palamururarangareddy projects, speedy investigation on sexual harassment etc., were mentioned by Telangana in the said meeting. On this occasion, Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, Arogya Lakshmi, Integrated Traffic Management System, which are being implemented ambitiously in Telangana, were mentioned, and the meeting decided to present Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bima in the 31st meeting of the Southern Regional Federation Standing Committee. The Telangana meeting also brought attention to the issue of development grants for backward districts.

The meeting also discussed the matter of Rs. 6015 crores of electricity dues due from AP to Telangana at the time of partition. Bank branches, post and bank services in villages were also discussed. Telangana officials also brought the violation of AP Partition Act in the matter of projects to the attention of this meeting. It was brought to the attention of the meeting that prompt investigation on sexual harassment is being continued in Telangana.


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