If you come .. we’ll communicate!

Government neglect of recent students

2.5 lakh students from non-public to public colleges this yr

Those students don’t have any books .. no uniforms

No lecturers .. No volunteers recruited

They have the chance to go back to personal colleges

Hyderabad : To students coming from non-public colleges to public colleges, ‘If you come .. we’ll communicate!’ The angle of the schooling division officers appears like that. Numerous students attending non-public colleges for causes akin to corona have entered public colleges this yr. Officials say about 2.5 lakh people have come from non-public to public colleges. However, the authorities don’t care concerning the wants of those students. They usually are not taking all attainable measures to proceed in public colleges. They usually are not provided with the books and uniforms they want.

Teachers are additionally not being made accessible because of the elevated variety of students. There is a danger that someday these students will go back to the non-public sector. Strangely the schooling division officers are of the same opinion. There are criticisms that sooner or later they may depart public colleges and go non-public, adopting the angle that there isn’t a must take any new extra measures for such people.

Uniforms‌ .. OK with adjustment

It is a identified proven fact that schooling within the state has been dealing with many issues since two years as a result of corona. In explicit, colleges weren’t working and exams had been canceled. Also the monetary scenario of the dad and mom of the students was reversed because of the corona. As a end result, lots of those that couldn’t pay their charges at non-public colleges enrolled their youngsters in public colleges this yr. As many as 2.5 lakh students got here from non-public to public colleges. However .. the uniforms that had been sewn up to now have been adjusted this yr as Nirudu colleges usually are not functioning. As a end result, new uniforms couldn’t be offered to new students. The requirement to put on a uniform throughout this educational yr has been eliminated. An identical scenario prevailed within the distribution of textbooks. Textbooks had been additionally printed early on. As a end result, books for brand new students usually are not accessible. All of them … buy outdated books or … non-public and proceed their schooling.

The scarcity of lecturers is imminent

There are already 18,500 teacher posts vacant within the state. With this, instructional volunteers have been recruited for a variety of years. There are about 15,000 instructional volunteers working within the state. However this yr their appointments haven’t been taken up. Volunteers had been put aside with the intention of sustaining the rationalization of lecturers. However up to now this rationalization has not been carried out. There is concern that there’s a scarcity of lecturers in many colleges. The downside is exacerbated this yr with over 2.5 lakh students coming from the non-public sector. Most colleges shouldn’t have topic lecturers. Even if one doesn’t adapt to the variety of students. Due to lack of educational volunteers and non-rationalization, some lecturers had been transferred on deputation with momentary adjustment. Thus adjusted to about 8 thousand lecturers within the state. However, there are allegations that the adjustment was made for lecturers somewhat than for students.

This signifies that students don’t profit tremendously by transferring to colleges in areas the place lecturers need, somewhat than to colleges that actually want it. If the lecturers alter with out liking .. they aren’t going there. There are a number of related incidents within the state. Students in Nallagonda district additionally protested in opposition to the deportation of lecturers assigned to their faculty. Teachers are shifting from rural to city areas in pursuit of momentary adjustment in some areas. For a variety of causes, the authorities have been criticized for being reckless in taking steps to make sure that new students stay in public colleges sooner or later.


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