Mana Telangana/Hyderabad: KTR has written a letter to Union Urban Development Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on the Centre’s hand-waving that the second phase of Hyderabad Metro Rail is not possible at the present time. On this occasion, KTR pointed out in his letter that the second phase of the metro rail project is not possible in Hyderabad, which is very congested, and the central government is giving metro rail projects to cities that are favorable to them with a biased attitude. On this occasion, it was mentioned that the Center has allotted metro projects to cities like Gandhinagar, Kochi, Bangalore, Chennai and small towns of Uttar Pradesh like Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, Agra, Prayagraj, Meerut which have a very small population. KTR said that the Center said that such cities with low population density have all the qualifications for metro rail, but Hyderabad city is not eligible for metro rail expansion, KTR said. He said that Hyderabad is the fastest growing metro city in the country and the argument that the number of passengers in such a city is likely to be less is meaningless.

KCR has written to the center several times

In that letter, KTR directly questioned the central government as to why Hyderabad metro city is not eligible for metro rail projects when many small cities and towns in Uttar Pradesh are eligible. KTR said that this is definitely a decision taken by the central government with a biased view. Chief Minister KCR said that he has brought to the attention of the central government many times the discrimination shown by the central government in the case of projects and allocations in various fields for which the state of Telangana already has all the qualifications and advantages. However, no positive response has been received from the central government so far. He accused the central government of repeatedly doing injustice to Telangana by awarding projects to other towns and states despite having no qualifications compared to Telangana. KTR strongly responded that this is definitely the central government’s bias against Telangana state, especially Hyderabad, and that the center is a stepmother’s love.

Submission of DPR along with all kinds of information

KTR mentioned in that letter that he has already provided all the necessary information for the second phase of the Metro Rail to the Urban Development Department of the Central Government several times and also provided the Detailed Planning Report (DPR). Traffic congestion in the city, PhD statistics, other qualifications and positives have been brought to the attention of the central government several times. In this regard, KTR has attached the Taluk reports to the information previously provided on behalf of Telangana Municipal Department. KTR said that despite providing all necessary information to the central government, they have not received any information yet again they are sending comprehensive information and all kinds of documents and reports to the centre.

Despite several attempts to meet the Union Minister….

In the letter, KTR stated that although he personally tried several times to explain the priority of the second phase of the Hyderabad Metro Rail project to Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, he did not receive any response from the Urban Development Minister’s office. However, KTR said that keeping in mind the background of Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, the Central Government, especially the Urban Development Department, will take the right decision and allocate projects to Telangana without any bias in the case of Hyderabad city infrastructure projects. However, keeping in mind the positive aspects of the proposal for the second phase of the Hyderabad Metro Rail project, he hoped that the Center would give its approval to the project as soon as possible. In his letter, KTR stated that the Telangana government is ready to clear any doubts in this regard and provide necessary information.


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