Hyderabad: MCR HRD Director General Benhar Mahesh Dutta said that Military Engineer Services (MES) courses will help the officers to understand social, economic and administrative aspects. The 5th foundation course for MES officers was started on Monday. Speaking on this occasion, he said that it will be useful to know the political, legal and environmental issues of the country and act as common people.

Military engineering officers are called upon to perform their jobs with ethics and honesty at the highest level. MES officers are advised to conduct regular training programs on their knowledge, skills and abilities. Officers attending the selected sessions said that the courses would be very useful to facilitate cross services with officers from Alindia Services, Central Services and other services.

It is said that 34 officers from 12 states across the country have participated in this program. Later, MES Chief Engineer Vijay Kumar Gupta said that Rs. With an annual budget of Rs 13,000, MES is one of the largest engineering, construction and maintenance agencies in India and has a pan-India footprint to support the Army, Air Force and Navy. He said that MES is taking many steps in the field of energy conservation, renewable energy use and green technology.


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