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Hyderabad: Telangana IT and Municipal Affairs Minister KTR inaugurated the Vaikuntha Dham at Dhanialagutta in Begumpet on Tuesday. Speaking at the inauguration, Minister KTR said that there will be problems in America too. He explained that as long as there are people, there will be problems. He assured the people that the government will work hard for the development of the city. He added that despite attempts to stop the construction, the advanced facility was built.

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KTR said that a well-developed city should have flyovers, better transport system, fresh water supply and 24-hour electricity. During his nine-year rule, he was a source of pride for Hyderabad. The minister also referred to Rajinikanth and Laya’s comments that Hyderabad city has transformed to resemble New York. Minister KTR said that there are problems in Hyderabad, but we are solving them and taking steps towards development. In the end, KTR called upon the people to support good leaders and governments and make KCR win for the third time as it is the key to the development of the city and the state.


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