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8.90 lakh applicants….20 lakh acres of agricultural land
Possibility of sorting
Collection of accurate applicants and land information
Applicants transparently on the background of past experience
Government mandate to do justice

HYDERABAD: Applications for land sales (sadabainama) based on agreement on white papers will soon get moksha. Three years ago, the government gave an opportunity for the process of regularization of sadabainams, but it stopped in the middle. In this context, 8.90 lakh applicants will get relief soon. Even though the lands of the farmers who have applied under Sadabainama are under cultivation, they have not been able to regularize them and they have been facing difficulties for the last few years as they are unable to sell those lands.

In 2016, the government first made it possible for the regularization process to officially recognize purchases made under the Sadabai Nama method before June 2, 2014. At that time, 11.19 lakh applications were received and the government regularized the lands of 6.18 lakh people. After that, after repeated appeals from MLAs, MPs and other public representatives to the government to give another chance, the government gave the opportunity for the second time in October 2020.

11.19 lakh applications in the year 2016

In 2016, the government had received 11.19 lakh applications for regularization of sadabainams, out of which the government had regularized more than 2 lakh acres of land against 6.18 lakh applications under the rules. It rejected 4.19 lakh applications which were not as per the norms. Recently on 12th October 2020, the government again announced the regularization scheme as the last phase. Though 29th of the same month was mentioned as the last date, it was later extended till 10th November. Under Rule 22 of Rule 1989 of ROR Act 197 for plain names, the government has directed that applicants in Form 10 be given legal status with 13B certificate.

Around 2.26 lakh applications as on 10th November

As there is no scope for common names in the new law, the government has decided to issue new guidelines. Officials have claimed that around 2.26 lakh applications have come for regularization by October 29, 2020, but with the government extending the deadline till November 10, another 6.74 lakh applications have come to the government. However, in 2016, CM KCR had received complaints that some officials had taken bribes and benefited others in the case of applications for plain names. This time, instead of doing so, the CM has instructed the officials to carefully examine the applications and ensure that justice is done to the deserving ones. Apart from this, it is learned that the CM has ordered the officials to ensure that the regulations are strictly implemented in the matter of implementation of change of name of ownership rights (fouthi) according to inheritance rights.

With the cancellation of ROR..
The Land Records Ownership Rights Act (ROR) was repealed by the time the applications were received. All the procedures and procedures for regularization of common names are under this Act.
New Revenue Act came into force from 23rd October 2020. In this, the government has not prescribed any duty and procedures for regularization of Sadabainama applications. As some filed a case in the High Court, the court directed the government to examine the applications received under the old ROR Act. The new Act had to be amended to streamline the applications. The government had thought to bring the ordinance two years ago but due to some reasons it did not go ahead.
Last year, the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (CCLA) sent these applications to the logins of the District Collectors to determine the eligibility as part of the regularization, out of which approximately 3 lakh applications were rejected. It is in this context that the government hopes to scrutinize the applications carefully this time and approve them.

Revenue officials have collected information on this in the wake of complaints that records have changed hands in many places due to the possibility of sales based on the land information available in the Dharani portal. It is known that the government is likely to regularize approximately 20 lakh acres of agricultural land when the government received the second round of Sadabainama applications and a total of 8.90 lakh applications were received in the second round.

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