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Hyderabad: According to the weather conditions, the Southwest Monsoon is likely to enter the state of Kerala on June 4, the Indian Meteorological Department has revealed. It said that normal rainfall will be recorded this year. IMD disclosed the details regarding this on Friday. It explained that they do not expect monsoon to enter the country on June 1. The IMD has predicted that northwest India will receive below normal rainfall this year. It has been clarified that there is no chance of a storm in the Arabian Sea in the next week. It has been revealed that the weather imbalance in the western countries is the reason for the rains falling before the northern monsoons.

It is said that due to the imbalance in the western countries, thunderstorms are happening in India, and that is why there is some relief in Delhi and surrounding cities. It said that if the entire country receives rainfall in the same pattern, there will be favorable conditions. The Indian Meteorological Department has clarified that there will be no adverse impact on agriculture either. Generally, the Southwest Monsoon enters the state of Kerala within seven days from June 1. Monsoon entered Kerala last May 29. Based on the conditions at that time, it is predicted that the monsoon will enter on May 27. But they entered the country two days late.

The Meteorological Department has explained that it has been making accurate forecasts of monsoons for the last 18 years. In 2015, however, they said that their calculation was wrong. The India Meteorological Department has said that since 2005, it has been predicting the arrival of monsoons in Kerala and revealing the details.


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