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Hyderabad: Minister KTR stated that he has reviewed the TSPSC paper leakage with Chief Minister KCR. Telangana Public Commission is the best in India. The minister said that in the past, allegations were made against the APPSC jointly. A mistake made by two people working in the commission… has given the system a bad name. Prevan and Rajasekhar Reddy are not the only two… Anyone else should take strict action. The minister stated that we will ensure that the mistakes made by such people do not happen again.

He said that since the fees have been paid in the past, none of the candidates have to pay again. We will conduct the investigation as soon as possible. Minister KTR explained that those who have applied in the past are eligible. Coaching material related to 4 exams will be put online. The minister revealed that the study circles across the state will be further strengthened. The reading room is open 24 hours a day. Apart from providing material, accommodation is also provided


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