Minister KTR on issue of leakage of TSPSC papers

Manatelangana/Hyderabad: State IT and Industries Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao has clarified that no one is left behind in the Public Service Commission question paper leakage case. After the meeting of ministers and senior officials with CM KCR on Saturday, ministers Sabitha Reddy, Srinivas Goud, Gangula Kamalakar, CS Shantikumari and Vinaykumar participated in BRKR Bhavan. Minister KTR spoke to the media. Apart from Praveen and Rajasekhar Reddy, strict action should be taken against whoever else is involved in this case. It was expressed that the mistake made by two persons in the commission brought bad name to the whole system. He said that this affair was a mistake made by two people and not an organizational failure. He said that it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that such incidents are not repeated in the future. Paper leaks happened in Assam, UP, Gujarat where the ministers resigned? He questioned that. Those who got good results in the exams have some pain.. but we have the responsibility to clear the allegations. He said that everything will come out in the SIT investigation.

Exams coming soon.. No need to pay fees again..

“We will make necessary changes to conduct the TS PSC examination in a more robust manner. Four tests were cancelled. No fee shall be paid by any student appearing for these examinations. No one who has applied for these exams has to pay the fee. We will take strict measures and conduct tests as soon as possible to prevent such a mistake by bringing changes. All those who applied earlier are eligible to write the exam. All material related to these four tests. We will put it online. We are responsible for providing the material free of charge. We have decided to further strengthen the study circles across the state. We have also decided to keep the reading rooms open 24 hours. Along with free material we also provide free food and accommodation. Collectors of respective districts supervise these. Minister KTR explained that we will help the students to be fully prepared.

On the foundations of water, funds and appointments..

Minister KTR said that the movement was run under the leadership of KCR on the basis of water funding and appointments. We have amended the law to give 95 percent reservation to the locals, which no other government has done in the country and got the President’s approval. Telangana youth participated in movements beyond politics. Everyone has a responsibility to work towards their aspirations. We request you to ignore the comments made by the political unemployed. Millions of children are suffering because of a mistake made by two people. How to correct when something goes wrong? Minister KTR said that it is our responsibility to ensure that such things do not repeat. TSPSC has been working with great sincerity for eight years. We have a culture of correcting even the smallest error. Don’t believe those who create misconceptions’ he appealed.

155 notifications.. 37 thousand jobs have been filled..

Minister KTR said that after the formation of the state, 155 notifications were released and 37 thousand jobs were filled by the Public Service Commission. TSPSC is known as one of the best public service commissions in the country by conducting the examination of 10 lakh people at one time by Public Service Commission. Various reforms, changes in part, technology additions from time to time lead to key decisions. OTR was brought in it. We have taken the fee through digital payment. Computer based test has been started. As part of the CBT system, 99 examinations were conducted and 4.5 lakh students participated. We have taken many steps to bring transparency in job placements. Technology, digitization has brought many methods. The Chairman of UPSC came to the state twice and visited TSPSC and studied the issue of how the changes and additions can be utilized here. The chairmen and members of the Public Service Commission of 19 states of the country are coming here to study the changes we have brought and are trying to implement them in their states. In the last eight years, the state has canceled the interview for the unemployed youth because of the old ways of the state,” he said.

Rajasekhar is an active worker of BJP.

Minister KTR said that he has lodged a complaint with the DGP on behalf of BRS, suspecting that there is any conspiracy in the paper leakage case, Rajasekhar Reddy, who is A2 in the case, is an active worker of BJP and is very active on social media. He said that the presence of such a person in this case, who is campaigning to vote for that party, has to be suspected. Is there any conspiracy in this to defame the government and raise suspicions among the youth and blame the government? We request the DGP to search in this sense.

It doesn’t matter which party is behind it. Strict legal action will be taken. None of the candidates need to worry.. We appeal to the political parties not to play with children’s lives. Those who have written the exam are worried about re-writing it. We canceled the exams without raising any doubts. Those who are qualified should do it with a big heart. Do not believe in myths and suspicions. KTR said that the SIT investigation has not been completed yet.. All things will come out.


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