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Mana Telangana/Siddipet Rural: The Siddipet Municipality has initiated another reform saying that good health can be achieved by walking and garbage collection can be done. On Monday, he participated in the garbage collection program while walking from the 18th Ward Venkateswara Kala Mandir Theater in the town. People were asked to maintain personal hygiene as well as environmental cleanliness. Our garbage is our responsibility and the housewives were made aware of the injustices caused by not having a garbage name. Plastic covers, chips packets, chocolate papers, water glasses, piled up in dirty canals,

Pick up the tea glasses and sanitary waste by yourself and put them in the bag. He said that plastic covers and plastic bottles should not be used in the cities as they may pose a threat to the environment. He said that if there is a change in the urban people, there will also be a change in the villages. They want to ensure that there is no accumulation of sewage water in the areas around the house. He said that mosquito larvae develop during the rainy season, and thus the spread of dengue, malaria and other diseases leads to problems. If cleanliness is followed, a good society will be formed with a good family. It should be remembered that prevention is more important than prevention when it comes to health. Harish Rao advised the parents of the children to take precautions. Public representatives, leaders, Kadawergu Rajanarsu, Jangiti Kanakaraju, Maccha Venugopal Reddy, Sampath Reddy, Moiz, municipal officials and staff participated in this program.

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