Janasena Aavirbhava Sabha on the 14th of this month: Janasena party leader Pawan Kalyan is ready to fill the party with energy to fight with the ruling party. Focused on party activities. The party’s inaugural meeting will be held soon. To this extent the masses are making all arrangements. The key leaders of the party are already busy with their plans to make this meeting a success. A site inspection was also done to hold the meeting in Mangalagiri. However, the party was in a state of turmoil with the meeting to be held on the 14th. It is a matter of concern as to what decision the Chief Minister will take in this meeting. On the other hand, some allege that the government is planning to prevent this from happening. With this, with the meeting to be held on the 14th, the party is also discussing that there is an atmosphere of tension in the government.

The Janasena party won only one seat in the 2019 elections. Later he joined the ruling party. With this, Janasena is seriously focusing on party programs to go ahead with a definite plan in this election. The party, which has already garnered some sympathy from the people, is now targeting the upcoming elections. With this, the meeting to be held on March 14 has become crucial. Pawan Kalyan will direct the party to work for development in the next two years as it has completed three years since the formation of the YCP government in 2019.

Although initially he did not have much faith in Janasena, sympathy for the party increased as Pawan Kalyan continued to hold public functions. Hopes were high among the people as well as the leaders of other parties. With this, lower level leaders in the ruling YCP are showing interest in joining the Janasena. By the 14th, there were signs that some key leaders were about to join the party. Leaders of Congress party are also interested in joining the Janasena. The MLA is trying to include a well-known leader among the people even if the ticket is guaranteed if necessary.

Some Janasena soldiers have accused the government of obstructing the Janasena Sabha. Pawan Kalyan is already gaining popularity among the people. Some say there is a risk of opposition to the government with this House. It is said that this is creating obstacles for the management of the meeting. However, the information that the mobilization will be good for the meeting to be held on the 14th. Active members of the party have already been ordered to attend. He says the decisions taken in this meeting are likely to be relevant to the upcoming elections.

On the other hand, it is said that there is a possibility of clarity in this meeting on the issue of Janasena alliance with TDP. Recently, TDP leaders have been supporting Janasena. The party chief Chandrababu is also indirectly interested in joining the Janasena. Pawan, however, did not elaborate on the matter. The party leaders are discussing the possibility of clarifying the alliance in the inaugural assembly.


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