The most awaited combo in Tollywood .. Pawan Kalyan- Mahesh Babu. Although the fans of the heroes call it the War of the Fans, the friendship between them is always special. This is a testament to the friendship between Pawan and Mahesh. These are the gifts that Pawan and Mahesh send home every Christmas. Every day Pawan sends ripe mangoes from his garden to Mahesh’s family. Christmas is coming, sending gift hampers to each other. Humble posting on social media thanking them. The same thing happened this year. Recently, Pawan sent Christmas presents to Mahesh’s house. Namrata Pawan posted on Instagram thanking the couple. “Thank you Pawan and Anna for the lovely hamper!”

‘Pushpa’ Raj who seemed to be declining with childhood ..

Mahesh-Pawan fans are happy with this post. Also asking for a request at humility. The desire that has been in everyone’s mind since time immemorial has been singled out. Pawan – Mahesh Law Multistarrer When ..? Fans are commenting that at least a humble person should strive for this miracle. Trivikram is the director who narrated Pawan Kalyan’s character introduction to Mahesh in the movie Jalsa. Star director Trivikram who gave huge success to both. Fans are of the opinion that it would be good if the two multistarrer also did the direction himself. The multistarrer trend is currently running in Tollywood. Fans say they are praying to God that this magic combo will come out at least next year. Will the desire of the fans come from the coast next year ..? Do we see these two stars in the same frame ..? Is to be known.



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