Telangana is very suitable for horticultural crops
Minister Niranjan Reddy

Plans for tissue culture cultivation

Manatelangana / Hyderabad: State Agriculture Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy has said that plans will be drawn up for tissue culture cultivation by the horticulture department to achieve surplus yields. The world’s largest mango processing plant, Jain Hills Horticulture, Tissue Culture Plant Manufacturing Unit, Micro Irrigation Drip Equipment Manufacturing Unit, Solar Pumpsets Unit, Mango, Guava, Jain Sweet Orange, Ginger, Aloe and Tomato crops grown by drip. Speaking on the occasion, Minister Niranjan Reddy said that the country is proud to have the largest horticultural plant production in the country, the largest mango processing plant in the world and the largest tissue culture lab in the world.

He said that despite such a large tissue culture lab, the plants could not meet the demand. He said that under the leadership of KCR, the focus was on crop diversification in Telangana. He said that Telangana, which is taking steps towards crop rotation, needs facilities and labs like the ones here. He said there was a need to encourage farmers to cultivate crops in the area in order to divert them towards other crops. He said it was important to set up processing units along with the cultivation of crops.

The Minister said that the country is proud of the fact that modern agriculture is thriving as the largest industry here and the processing units are ideal. He lauded the water use pattern in Jalgaon, which has a minimum rainfall of 544 mm, as an ideal for other farmers. Chief Minister KCR explained that in just three years, the Kaleswaram project, which will lift water to a height of 600 meters, will be paved, completed and irrigated. Kaleswaram is said to have become the vegetation of northern Telangana and Nallagonda with water. Palamuru Rangareddy said that southern Telangana is going to be planted with the uplift scheme. Large-scale farm ponds are being built to grow crops with the water left in them. KCR said that due to the kindness of the Telangana farmers, the irrigation water has gone down.

Farmers were urged to abandon the cultivation of traditional crops and take steps towards profitable crops. KCR said it was its aspiration that the indebted farmers in the joint state should be financially well off. Pomegranate, mango, sweet potato and guava are said to be suitable for the conditions in the Telangana region and have been removed by cultivators or farmers in the past. Now with the advent of irrigation water available tissue culture plants will be beneficial to the farmers. He said that the Telangana Horticulture Department is preparing plans to make these available to farmers.

That is why we are standing by Annadatta with 24-hour free water supply, Raitubandhu and Raitubhima schemes for agriculture like nowhere else in the country. Minister Niranjan Reddy said that in the spirit of Jain organization in Telangana, farmers will be taken towards crop conversion. Ministers Balka Suman, Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy, Paddi Sudarshan Reddy, Ala Venkateshwar Reddy, Horticulture Director Venkatram Reddy, Joint Director Sarojini Devi, Assistant Director Subhashini and others were present on the occasion.


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