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Telangana/Hyderabad: The Telangana Public Service Commission will take key decisions after the TSPSC paper leakage incident. Some exams have already been canceled while others have been postponed. TSPSC has recently announced that the Horticulture Officer Exam has been postponed. The commission said that the exam, which was scheduled to be held on April 4, has been postponed to June 17.

New schedule of canceled exams at the end of the month?

It is known that following the TSPSC question papers leakage case, TSPSC has already canceled the Group-1 Prelims, AEE, DAO, AE exams conducted on the instructions of the CIT officials. Apart from that, the commission has also postponed the examinations for the posts of TPBO and Veterinary Assistant which were to be held this month. Horticulture Officer exam has also been added to the list recently. The Public Service Commission, which has already announced that there is a possibility of postponing the exams to be held in April and May, said that it is possible to announce the new schedule for the canceled and postponed exams by the end of this month. Usually the question papers are prepared two months before any competitive exam.

It is reported that it will take some time to prepare the question papers for the exams to be held in the next two months. The commission which has already announced the dates of group-4 and group-2 exams, should they be held at the scheduled time..?, or not..? It is known that he is thinking about the matter. First Group-1 prelims exam was conducted.. Group-4 on 1st July and Group-2 exams on 29th and 30th August are making efforts to conduct it. If these three are held consecutively.. will there be any difficulties for the candidates..? Is there enough time to prepare? It is reported that the Commission is discussing the issues. TSPSC is thinking to conduct the Central and other competitive examination dates without any hassle for the candidates.


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