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Agriculture should be protected
Crop losses due to natural calamities should be avoided
Chief Minister’s direction in District Collector’s meeting

Our Telangana/Hyderabad: We should prepare for early crop cultivation in the state.. we should protect the agricultural sector.. we should avoid crop losses from natural calamities.. let us take all the necessary steps from the government in this direction, Chief Minister KCR directed the authorities. The government took several important decisions under the chairmanship of the CM in the joint meeting on Thursday. In the past and recently in Yasangi, strong winds, untimely, heavy rains and hailstorms have caused damage to rice, maize, chillies, vegetables and fruit orchards as well as the crops in the harvesting stage and the crops in the different stages.

In Telangana, hailstorms usually occur from the month of April. 2023 Hail and heavy rains in Yasangi at the end of the month caused damage to the crops and thus to the farmers. Keeping these conditions in mind, the government has prepared to sensitize the farmers for early cultivation of pari crop as part of an effort to avoid hailstorms and heavy rains. Early cultivation of monsoon rice crop can be harvested from the third week of October to the first week of November. Also if yasangi paddy fiber is prepared from 15th to 20th November, the crop can be harvested from 3rd week of March to first week of April. Overall hail and heavy rains can be avoided.

Timings of Early Sowing in North, Central and South Telangana Pram Talas: Long duration varieties above 140 days – 25th May to 5th June. Medium duration varieties with 135 days cropping period – till 15th June and short duration varieties with 125 days cropping period – till June 25th. According to the region, the scientists suggested medium duration types (135 days), short duration types (125 days). Monsoon harvest is from 3rd week of October to 1st week of November. Avoid cold weather by preparing yasangi naru between November 15 to 3. Yasangi crops should be harvested between 3rd week of March and 1st week of April, harvest of Yasangi rice in first week of April will yield more grain. The percentage of suka will decrease when milled.

Promotional programs
Distribution of leaflets with area wise instructions regarding early paddy cultivation to farmers (500 per cluster) Conducting meetings with experts at farmer’s platforms before the start of cultivation (every Tuesday and Friday), conducting extensive campaign programs related to early paddy cultivation and creating awareness among farmers (cluster except Tuesdays and Fridays) Undertaking village wise campaign in). Discussion programs should be undertaken with farmer scientists at cluster level. Informing readers about these promotional programs through print and electronic media. Create short films on WhatsApp as a medium to create awareness among farmers [సోషల్ మీడియా] Delivery to farmers should be done through

The government has directed a sub-committee comprising eight ministers to study advance cultivation and formulate appropriate promotional programmes. At the state, district and cluster level, it has been decided to formulate instructions for pre-cultivation of monsoon and yasangi crops within a week. The District Collectors have been asked to hold review meetings with the District Agricultural Extension Officers for planning and implementing monthly plans on pre-sowing times of monsoon and Yasangi crops as suggested by the scientists. The government has directed the authorities to prepare cluster wise varieties suitable for the respective areas.


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