Telangana government is introducing reservations for liquor shop licenses, a first in the country. The excise department is currently introducing a new liquor policy. The excise department aims to offer Dalit and tribal candidates a 15% reservation. This new liquor policy is currently awaiting approval from the chief minister, and following approval, the excise agency will seek new liquor licenses in October. In the new liquor policy, the government plans to set up 226 extra liquor stores.

Liquor outlet license fees
outlet license fees

The Telangana government plans to hike the liquor licensing price from 15% to 40%. Fees will increase by 25% in districts, about 30% to 35% in municipalities, and up to 40% in places with a population of 20 lakhs or more. Additionally, excise officials intend to increase the application price from the current 2 lakh. During the previous auction of liquor stores, the government collected about 925 crores in application fees.

The Telangana government earns 25,000 crores annually from liquor sales. The government’s post-covid revenue from booze is the highest; in fact, the government is extremely reliant on liquor revenue. During the state government’s previous two years in office, it received 6500 crores in license fees.



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