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Hyderabad: BC Welfare and Civil Supplies Minister Gangula Kamalakar said that the state government will provide all kinds of support to those going on the Hajj pilgrimage, which is considered very sacred by Muslims. On Friday, Hajj pilgrims were given health check-up and vaccination at Kalyani Garden function hall in Karimnagar district center. On this occasion, he said that Hajj is very holy and the pilgrims who go for Haj should be healthy and the government will make arrangements for those who do not have financial means.

Sarva Matala Vedika said that the government will take special initiatives for the welfare of Telangana minorities and with the grace of Allah, the demons of the country should be chased away. He said that Telangana is safe in the country today because of the maintenance of law and order. He called upon the CM to pray to Allah that KCR should be healthy for the welfare of the people of the country and the state.

He said that it is the Telangana government which is giving priority to the festivals of all religions and according to their traditions. As a part of this, the state government has also made necessary arrangements for those who are going on Hajj from Telangana. He made it clear that development will continue regardless of caste and religion and that the government is working hard for the development and welfare of all communities.

CM KCR said that the reason why the state is prosperous in the country is because peace and security is under control. He said that he will always be available to Hajj pilgrims and that they should call and contact them in case of any problem, and they will talk to Telangana government and if necessary also to Saudi Arabian government and resolve any big problems and problems that arise. City Mayor Yadagiri Sunil Rao, Co-option members Haj Committee member Irfan Mohammad, Minority Presidents Shaukat Ali, Wajid, Ansari, Sajid and others participated in this program.


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