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Mana Telangana/Siddipet: If we look at the situation of BJP leaders on the establishment of medical colleges, it will be seen that the children born to people are ours, State Finance and Medical Health Minister Tanniru Harish Rao has fired at BJP. He said that the National Medical Commission has given permission to 9 government colleges and similarly it has given permission to 4 private medical colleges. Harish Rao stated that NMC is also an autonomous body and will give permission after seeing all the qualifications. But it is a shame that the BJP leaders keep saying that we have given permission to four private colleges along with the government colleges.

He participated and spoke as the chief guest in the welfare day organized at the ground of Government Boys High School in the district center on Friday as part of Telangana state birth decade celebrations. If we set up a medical college with Rs.500 crores, if we worked hard day and night, how evil and how bad it is to say that we have set it up ourselves. Harishrao Dhwajametta said that only BJP is capable of such bad politics. What is the role of the Prime Minister in this and what is the role of Mansook Mandaviya, Harishrao said. He said that if the BJP government gave 157 government medical colleges across the country, it would not be a sin to give even one to Telangana.

BJP President Bandi Sanjay is saying that we have set up colleges, did you ever talk about wanting a medical college in Karimnagar or did you apply? Harish Rao said that we should be a little bit ashamed to say that we put it ourselves. Not a single aim given. People will laugh if we say that we have 21 medical colleges. He said that he should bow his head and apologize unconditionally to the people for claiming to have done what he did not do. If the BJP leaders have the guts, they want to fulfill the promises made in the Partition Act. State BJP leaders to bring Bayyaram Steel Factory, Warangal Coach Factory, Tribal University etc.

Harish Rao demanded to put pressure on the Centre. He said that people are seeing a golden era under CM KCR’s rule like never before. He said that BRS welfare schemes are reaching every house in the state. He questioned whether there are any welfare schemes being implemented in Telangana in BJP and Congress ruled areas. They were angry that they could not digest the development of the BJP and were engaging in false campaigns. The same CM KCR said that the state government will spend the entire funds related to the management of 21 government medical colleges during this nine-year rule. People want to reverse the global campaigns of BJP and Congress. He said that if people travel to Maharashtra, they will clearly understand how BJP rule and CM KCR rule is going on.

He said that during this nine-year rule, 59 thousand crores were spent on Asara pension across the state. Also, 11 thousand 131 crores were spent on Kalyana Lakshmi and Shadimubakar. He said that Telangana state has become a field of education. He said that CM KCR deserves the credit of providing clean water purified by Nallas to every house in the state. He said that there is a lot of people’s participation in Swachh Siddipet. Siddipet is being developed to increase its respect. Everyone wants to reduce the use of plastic completely as dangerous diseases like cancer come with the use of plastic. After that ten types of welfare schemes were handed over to the beneficiaries by the hands of Minister Harish Rao.

ZP Chairperson Veleti Roja Sharma, District Collector Prashanth Jeevan Patil, Municipal Chairperson Kadawergu Manjula Rajanarsu, People’s Representatives and Leaders Kadawergu Rajanarsu, Jangiti Kanakaraju, Kondam Sampath Reddy, Maccha Venugopal Reddy, Pala Sairam, Waziruddin, Moise, Srihariyadav, Brahmam, Kemmasaram were present in this program. Praveen Kumar , Saddi Nagaraju Reddy, Mallikarjun, Saki Anand, Aravind Reddy, Sai Goud, Srinivas and others participated.

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