Shock to Congress

Bhuvanagiri DCC president Anil Kumar Reddy joined BRS in the presence of CM KCR
If Dharani is removed, how will Rythu Bandhu be resolved..?
We brought Dharani and digitized the lands
By this only the owners can transfer the land to others

Hyderabad: Chief Minister KCR said that the agriculture sector in the state is excellent. Dharani explained that the land has been digitized by bringing the portal so that only the owners can transfer the land to others. He explained that there will be no irregularities in this as alleged by the opposition parties. He said that the value of lands in Telangana has increased tremendously and the condition of farmers has improved. KCR questioned that cash will be deposited directly into farmers’ accounts through Dharani. Bhuvanagiri DCC President Kumbham Anil Kumar Reddy joined the BRS party in the presence of Chief Minister KCR at Pragati Bhavan on Monday. CM KCR invited Anilkumar Reddy into the party by wearing a scarf. Speaking on the occasion, CM KCR explained that the value of Punyama lands for development and irrigation projects in the state has increased tremendously. The CM said that the debt of the Kaleshwaram project, which was built at a cost of Rs.80 thousand crores, will be paid off.
BRS is a party formed with one objective

CM KCR stated that BRS is a party formed with one goal. They said that they stood up in the face of insults and taunts.. They fought and won the state. KCR reminded that before Telangana came, there would have been electricity or the fields would have dried up. He said that at present we are providing 24 hours quality electricity. It is said that we are providing electricity like nowhere else in the country. The opposition said that 3 hours of electricity means farmers are cursing. He explained that if electricity is provided for 24 hours, whoever needs it will use it. The CM said that we are at the first place in the country in terms of per capita income.
Congress leaders who joined BRS

Bhuvanagi Yadadri District Congress President Kumbham Anil Kumar Reddy along with Congress Party District General Secretary Uppnutala Venkatesh Yadav, Waligonda MPP Nuti Ramesh Mudiraj, Waligonda Sarpanch Bolla Lilatha Srinivas, Waligonda Mandal Congress President Pasam Satthi Reddy, Waligonda Congress Town President Kankala Kishtaiah, Bhuvanagiri Mandal Congress President Ellemla Jangaiah Yadav, Working President MPTC Pasam Sivanand, Minority President SK Sharifuddin, Namat Palli Sarpanch Shalini, Former MPP Kumbham Venkat Papireddy, Single Window Director Kumbham Vidyasagar Reddy, Congress Party Waligonda Mandal Leaders Burri Ramesh Reddy, Waligonda Mandal Parishad Vice President Badetharaju Umaravi Balanarsimha, Garisha E Ravi, Kasula Venkatesh, Battini Sahadev Goud, Ward Members MM Shekhar, Rapolu Srinivas, Youth Congress President Pallerla Murali, Pallerla Sahadev, Kiran Kumar, Konduru Saigoud, SC Cell Mandal President Pallerla Sudhakar, Pabbu Surender, Battini Lingaiah, Mysolla Lakshmisu Saha Bhat. Many Congress party leaders from Uvanagiri Yadadri district have joined BRS party. Ministers Jagadish Reddy, Harish Rao, MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, MLAs Payla Shekhar Reddy, Gongidi Sunitha, Gyadari Kishore Kumar, Ravindra Naik, Kusukuntla Prabhakar Reddy, Nalamotu Bhaskar Rao, Bhupal Reddy, Devi Reddy Sudhir Reddy, Balkasuman, Jeevan Reddy, ZP Chair Manlu eliminatory Sandeep Reddy, Banda Narender Reddy, Vem Reddy Narsimha Reddy, Dairy Development Corporation Chairman Soma Bharat Kumar and others participated.


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