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* 60 years of development in KCR’s 8 years rule
* Telangana is ahead in all fields of development and welfare
* There is no system like TS iPass anywhere in the country
* Minister KTR at Dandu Malkapuram Industrial Park

Yadadri Bhuvanagiri: State Minister KTR said that today Telangana has become the leader of the country in the development of the industrial sector. Minister KTR was the chief guest at the Telangana Industrial Progress Festival organized on Tuesday at the Green Industrial Park under Dandu Malkapuram of Chautuppal mandal. First, he inaugurated 51 newly established industries in the park. Later, the respective industries displayed their products and inspected the stalls specially set up there. Minister KTR participated and spoke in the meeting of industrialists organized on this occasion.

Everyone wants to examine how the industrial sector in Telangana was before 2014. How it is now. After the formation of Telangana state, KCR stood at the forefront in all the fields of education, medicine, health, drinking water, welfare and industries during the 8-year rule. He said that KCR has introduced excellent governance and Telangana has achieved the first ranks in many surveys conducted at the national level. He said that the TSI pass system has been introduced like never before and permits for industries will be given to those who are eligible in just 15 days. He said that there is no such speedy system anywhere in the world. He said that apart from giving permission to the industries, they are also providing the required electricity and providing all the facilities without any difficulties.

He said that Telangana, which is progressing rapidly in development, has grown to the level of teaching lessons to the country today. He stated that KCR has shown the development of the past 60 years in just 8 years of rule. Also, the minister said that crores of saplings have been planted in the state to protect the environment. He said that about 40 thousand people from Munugodu, Bhuvanagiri and Ibrahimpatnam constituencies will get jobs through the companies in Malkapuram Green Industrial Park. According to the request of the industrial managers here, Mission Bhagiratha Pipeline will be established from Koyyalagudem and they will be provided with the good water they need. However, everyone wants to recognize the change brought in Telangana in the past 8 years.

He said that all sectors have been developed in a way that the country can be proud of. Minister KTR said that in the future also we will move forward towards achieving many miracles with the participation of all the people. Minister Jagadeeswar Reddy, Local MLA Kusukuntla Prabhakar Reddy, Government Whip Gingidi Sunitha, Zilla Parishad Chairman Eliminati Sandeep Reddy, MP Badugula Lingaiah Yadav, TSIIC Chairman Gyadari Balamallu, TIF President Sudhir Reddy, MLAs Filela Shekhar Reddy, Gadari Kishore, Chirumurthi Lingaiah, Industrialist Lu and others participated.

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