Hyderabad: Day temperatures in the state are reaching record highs ahead of monsoon. Although Mrigasira Karthe entered, the sun did not decrease at all. On Friday, the highest temperature in the state was recorded at 46.5 degrees in the districts of Karinnagar district. Similar high temperatures were recorded in other parts of North Telangana.

45.7 degrees in Burgampah, 45.7 in Jambuga, 45.6 in Yanambailu, 45.3 in Veenavanka, 45.2 in Mahadevapur, 45.2 in Jafargad, 45.1 in Kunchevelli, 45.1 in Aswaraopet, 45 in Baiyaram. Hailstorm in many districts of the state on Saturday. Hyderabad Meteorological Center has announced that there is a possibility of wind. Hailstorm is likely to occur in Khammam, Nalgonda, Suryapet, Kothagudem, Adilabad, Komarambhim, Manchiryala and Nirmal districts, it said.

Scattered thundershowers

A cycle extending from mean sea level to an altitude of 1.5 km in the vicinity of south Chhattisgarh, Orissa. The lower level winds are blowing mainly from northwest and west direction towards Telangana. According to the Meteorological Center, there are chances of thunder, lightning and gusty winds in many districts of the state within the next 24 hours. Moderate rains lashed several parts of the state on Saturday. 59 mm of rain fell in Nawabpet of Vikarabad district.


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