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An incident took place in Shamshabad where a priest who had an extra-marital relationship with a devotee coming to the temple killed her. This incident came to light late. Shamshabad DCP Narayana Reddy disclosed the details in a press conference organized at his office on Friday. Venkatasaikrishna (36) of Venkateswara Colony, Sarurnagar, works as a senior priest in a temple near the Tehsildar’s office. Saikrishna is married and has a wife and two children. Appara (30) from Chennai came to Hyderabad in 2022 with her family to act in serials and is staying in Sarurnagar. She used to try in serials while staying there. Apsara’s family lived in the house next to the temple and often went to the temple.

It was there that Saikrishna was working as a priest, and the two being from the same social class, an intimacy developed between the two, which led to an extra-marital affair. Apsara got pregnant and Saikrishna performed an abortion. Apsara started pressuring Saikrishna to marry her from March. But Saikrishna was already married and had two children, so he refused. Due to this, there are frequent fights between the two. Both of them often used to go to Goshala in Shamshabad by car. In this order, Apsara and Saikrishna left in the car to go to Gosha on the 3rd of this month. Apsara has not been seen since then. Inspectors Srinivas and Mahesh participated in the press conference.

A well-planned priest…
Saikrishna, who had planned to remove Apsara Adu anyway, decided to kill her. Apsara pressured him to marry him, he suspected that she was not pregnant by him as she became pregnant twice, and Apsara became intimate with other men and he suspected that she got pregnant by them. So he made a plan to kill Apsara. As a part of it, he took Apsara and left for Shamshabad. Together, the two went to Shamshabad Rallaguda in the fort car, where they had lunch. Apsara got into the car and slept in the front seat in a relaxed mode.

Having planned the murder in advance, Saikrishna had already put a car cover and jaggery stone in the car. Apsara resisted by wrapping the cover of the car around her neck and trying to kill her, as a result of which she was hit on the head ten times with a jaggery stone in the car and died in the car. He immediately wrapped Apsara’s body in a car cover, put it in the trunk and brought it home to Sarurnagar. There he buried Apsara’s body in an unused manhole, filled it with salt, filled it with soil and sealed it with cement.

Complain to the police like an innocent…
Saikrishna, who killed Apsara, as if he did not know anything, filed a complaint along with Apsara’s mother about the disappearance of his older sister’s daughter at the airport police station on the 5th of this month. The police registered a case of missing and started investigation. However, Saikrishna was arrested for focusing on technical aspects due to suspicion of his behavior. On the basis of CCTV footage and Saikrishna’s mobile phone signal, the accused was detained and interrogated and the real matter came out. He admitted before the police that he brought Apsara to Sultanpur on 3rd of this month and killed her.

My son should not have done that: Sai Krishna’s father
Sai Krishna’s father said that his son was very disciplined and he was not aware of Sai Krishna’s extramarital relationship with Apsara. Apsara used to come to the temple, should she be taken out only if there is an extramarital affair…? Said. He said that Sai Krishna should tell what actually happened.. He said that he did not know. Sai Krishna’s father said that Apsara used to be affectionate with his son. He told his son to be careful about the girl. They said that if our son had told us earlier about Apsara, they would have arranged a panchayat with the elders…or they would have given her counseling at the police station. Sai Krishna’s father said that if his son does something wrong, he can take any action according to the law.

Apsara’s mother should hang the accused who killed my daughter
Apsara’s mother said that they did not think that Saikrishna would commit such a crime and that he killed her daughter with a plan. He said that his daughter used to go to the temple every day. It was there that she came in contact with Saikrishna. He said that Saikrishna also often used to come to their house and used to bring vegetables. He said that he used to call him Attayya and that his husband lives in Kashi. He said that she was going to Coimbatore and left for the airport and Saikrishna said that she would drop her at the airport. Apsara has acted in films in the past and she is not related to Sai’s family.

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