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Nalgonda: Legislative Council Chairman Gutta Sukhender Reddy said that Prime Minister Modi’s government has become a threat to the democratic system and constitutional values ​​in the country. Speaking at a press conference in Nalgonda on Wednesday, he said that the Center is suppressing the opposition by suppressing its throat. Disqualification and eviction of the house within hours of the court ruling against the leader of the opposition should be considered as an attack on the democratic constitutional systems by the Modi government.

He said that the Modi government, which is harassing the opposition parties with unnecessary cases by obstructing the central investigation agencies, is not taking action if its ally Aadhi has crippled the public sector institutions and looted lakhs of crores of public money.
Rafale purchase corruption has also been trampled. At the same time, the Modi government is misusing the central investigation agencies to discredit Kavitha with a conspiracy to harm the opposition BRS party in the name of 100 crores liquor scam.

He said that the Center is engaging in the achievements of political parties by keeping the bills passed by the legislatures pending to weaken the opposition governments and damage the administration by obstructing the governorship system and taking away the rights of the states.
He said that the Modi government has taken measures to weaken the opposition governments economically and politically by restricting funds from the centre.


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