No doubt, new sensation Siddhu Jonnallagada has scored a large hit together with his newest movie ‘Tillu Square’ which reportedly garnered over Rs 28 crores plus in three days flat in two Telugu states and few different centres. “It would go down as one of the biggest hits in Siddhu’s career and he has made the sequel business a winning formula in Tollywood,” says a producer.

He says that the sensational openings will give enhance to different sequels within the making and additionally Siddhu profession has hit a brand new peak. “He single-handedly pulled off the sequel with his comic punchlines and reaffirmed that ‘DJ Tillu’ has become a brand of sorts,’ he adds.

With glam diva Anupama Parameswaran adding to fuel to fire and her onscreen chemistry with Siddhu has set cash registers ringing. “Audience are enjoying the dialogues and laughing all the way out, overlooking hiccups in the screenplay and summer crowds adding to the collections,” he provides.

The movie has a great probability to make more cash, till Vijay Devarakonda arrives with ‘Family Star’ on April 5 to present this movie some competitors, in any other case DJ Sidhu can be dancing and interesting the viewers and begins summer season on a great notice for Tollywood, he concludes.


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