Comments made by Janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan have now become a hot topic on social media. "We are so stupid that even our enemies can use us," he said.

The arrest of several celebrities along with Mega Brother Nagababu’s daughter Neharika at a rave party in Hyderabad at midnight on Saturday has become a hot topic of discussion. However, Niharika father Nagababu said that the police had made it clear that his daughter had not done anything wrong. Nagababu said the police had taken action due to the pub timing exceeding the limit. A video has been released  saying that he does not want to create unnecessary rumors.

Meanwhile , Nagababu’s younger brother, Janasena party leader Pawan Kalyan ‘s post on social media has now become a hot topic. In the wake of Nebula’s capture at the rave party, netizens are debating who Pawan Kalyan’s comments were aimed at, saying, “We are stupid enough that even our enemies can use us.”


Janasena Pawan Kalyan, on the other hand, said that BCs and SCs were discussing quotes made by author Wakada Srinivas, touching on the ideas of Ram Manohar Lohia for achieving statehood together. Pawan Kalyan recalled that Wakada Srinivas had said, “We are so foolish that even our enemies can use us. We are also so naive as to be under the illusion that our success is to be exploited by others …”

However, Pawan Kalyan, who posts famous writers’ comments on politics on social media, made these comments keeping in view the current politics. Or whether it was done in the case of Nebula has become a hot topic on social media. While waiting for the enemy to be found .. Pawan Kalyan’s comments that it is foolish for us to confront ourselves and give them a weapon are causing a heated debate on social media.

While the fans are standing by the mega family during this difficult time .. the opponents are targeting Pawan Kalyan. However, the comments of the opponents are being rebutted by the mega fans and the masses.


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