103 private hospitals are under siege across the state

75 dispensaries fined 2,058 hospitals inspected, 633 hospitals issued notices All
Hospitals, MBBS are threatening the lives of patients with unqualified doctors who make registration mandatory
RMPs performing allopathic treatment and surgery by Ayush doctors with doctor board are under inspection
Dr. State Director of Public Health brought surprising things to light. Srinivasa Rao

Manatelangana/Hyderabad: The state government is cracking down on private hospitals. It is seizing many hospitals everywhere in the districts. Some show cause notices have been issued. Hospitals running against the rules are being flogged. According to the Telangana Clinical Establishment Act (Registration – Regulation) Act, large-scale inspections are being conducted on private hospitals across the state. In the inspections conducted so far, officials have found that some hospitals lack basic infrastructure. Inspections have shown that qualified doctors are providing treatment in some places.

Director of Public Health Dr. Srinivasa Rao revealed that the DMHOs of the respective districts conducted inspections in 2,058 private hospitals in 33 districts of the state. Out of that, 103 hospitals have been seized and notices have been issued to 633 hospitals. It is also said that 75 hospitals have been fined. Speaking to the media on Wednesday, DH Srinivasa Rao said that all private hospitals, clinics, consultation rooms, diagnostic centers and non-allopathic hospitals in the state have been brought under the Clinical Establishment Act 2020. According to this law, every hospital, clinic and non-AYUSH clinic will have to register. As a part of that, inspections are being conducted under the auspices of DHMOs in all districts across the state. He said that these inspections are being conducted as part of public health protection in the wake of some recent incidents. Inspections will also be started in the districts which have not started so far, he said. He said that if people notice any errors or negligence in treatment in private hospitals and clinics and bring it to their attention, action will be taken against those hospitals.

Allopathic treatment in non-allopathic hospitals

The DH clarified that all non-allopathic hospitals, diagnostic centers and other medical clinics must register under the Clinical Establishment Act. They said that it has come to their attention that non-allopathic hospitals and clinics are treating patients, giving allopathic medicines, performing minor surgeries and bringing them to life. As per the orders of CM KCR and Health Minister Harish Rao, inspections were conducted in these hospitals and whether the respective hospitals have registration..? Or..?Are there qualified doctors..? No…? They said that they are looking into it.

A two-week deadline for hospitals where defects have been identified

DH said that notices have also been issued to the registered hospitals where the defects have been found. He said that they have been given two weeks to correct the errors. He warned that action will be taken against those hospitals if the errors are not rectified within the deadline. It is stated that in rural areas they are being treated and operated by RMPs and PMPs even though they are not qualified. He said that DMHOs have been ordered to take strict action against all of them because of illegal abortions and causing the loss of lives. They said some surprising things came to light during their inspections. At some clinics, MBBS doctors have been placed on board and it has been found that Ayush doctors or unqualified doctors are providing treatment. Also, in the name of basic treatment, some RMPs have come to their attention to do allopathic treatment and surgeries.

Do not succumb to pressure

DH Srinivasa Rao has made it clear that DMHOs will not succumb to any pressure as part of inspections in private hospitals in all districts across the state. Local public representatives and others said that no one should bow down even if pressured. He said that legal action should be taken against the hospitals which are going against the rules. He clarified that these inspections will continue in the coming days.


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