Will there be early elections in Telangana? Is there any indication that Amit Shah has alerted BJP leaders? Did TRS also tell MLAs to stay on the ground? And what is the situation of the Congress ..!?

What is the Congress‌ situation amidst the pre-heat?
The strategy of the Congress that emerged victorious in the 2018 early elections!

Wadi’s heated debate over early elections in Telangana has begun. All are wondering what will happen if Amit Shah alerts the state BJP leaders in this direction. The Union Home Minister’s statement means .. I think it will count. BJP additions are already in the process of implementing the moves. The ruling trs are also heating up politics. What is the situation of Telangana Congress at this time? Before Amit Shah alerted the BJP leaders .. Rewanth Reddy commented that KCR will go for early elections in Telangana within a week of taking charge as PCC chief. And did you prepare the Revanth party in that direction ..? Are the feet falling? In 2018 too, the then PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy also gave an early hint on early elections. But after seeing the results .. the party ranks understood how far the workout was done.

Party leaders say not a word yet ..!

Of the 12 assembly constituencies where the party has changed, the Congress is yet to make a leader. Except in Bhupalapally .. there are no leaders of that level in other constituencies. Even if the party is strong there .. the leader or cadre will lose water. Yet there are no records of all the leaders in the party coming together. The same is true of the Congress drowning in the 2014 and 2018 elections. The senior leaders were the losers. Unless the leaders say there is opposition on the authority trs .. no action.

Didn’t the work of running everyone start?

Rewanth, who took over as PCC chief, initially stepped up his aggression with the row houses. Recently the politics between BJP..trs has heated up in the matter of grain procurement. Congress has also tried to follow in the footsteps of the farmers. But the state leadership did not seem to be focusing much on the issue. The MPs who said that they would agitate for Telangana farmers in Parliament were limited to words. Josh is the new chief of the PCC but the replacement of the party posts .. The work of running everyone has not started yet. The party chief appears to be in the process of waiting until March. It is true that DCCs are not active unless they are. In the districts where the party is strong, there seems to be a lack of coordination among the leaders. Set all this up and get ready for the election?

Alliances with whom .. with whom the fight will not end ..!

Elections are approaching but Congress is not on alert. The selection of candidates will also not be decided till the last minute. Elections will be held before the clarity of who the alliances are with .. with whom they are fighting .. the results are coming. This is what happened in 2018. And .. what do you do now? It remains to be seen whether the party’s aggression will increase or whether the centennial party will succumb.



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