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Hyderabad: In rural areas, the use of conventional energy sources is getting more and more important. Rising electricity bills are becoming a burden on the poor, and disruptions in supply are causing further hardship. Keeping this in mind, Stri Nidhi and Redco organizations are encouraging women members of self help societies to set up solar power units through Rural Development Corporation. Ten thousand units of Shtri Nidhi loans will be given across the state this financial year. By February 28, the serf officials have taken action to identify the beneficiaries and provide them with loan facilities.

Women are being made aware that there will be electricity problems if solar power units are installed. There is an opportunity for them to install solar panels on their houses and use electricity according to their required capacity. For this, subsidy is being provided through Strinnidhi along with loan. While units have already been set up in many areas of Jagityala district and the electricity has been brought into use, the authorities are taking measures for more targets. Units for women members are being set up in villages in collaboration with the State Renewable Energy Resources Development Corporation (TS REDCO).

A 200 square feet patio is required to install solar panels. Based on the electricity units used for monthly household needs, 2.KV and 3 KV solar power units will be confirmed and installed with permission. Officials revealed that the cost of setting up the unit can be recovered in five years. Officials said that the solar panels will be guaranteed for 25 years.
Loans for interested women members..
Loans and concessions are also provided to interested women members exclusively through Strinnidhi. Solar power panels with a capacity of 2 or 3 kilowatts are sanctioned and installed on the house of an interested female member on a subsidized basis. A power unit of 2 KW capacity can supply 8 units of electricity per day. A solar power unit of 3 kilowatts will produce 12 units of electricity. If the electricity consumed by them every month is more than required, it will be connected to the grid.

Mepma, Serp staff by DRDA to encourage women members. They are organizing meetings and creating awareness. The members are instilled in them that they can generate their own electricity and reduce the cost of electricity significantly. Officials advised to contact website Redco tsredco.telangana.gov.in se@tsredco.telangana.gov.in for more details.
* Setting up unit cost, subsidy like…
* Capacity Price Rs Concession (Rs.) Strinnidhi Loan Share Amount Payable Monthly
2 kilowatts 142,000 39,200 lakh 3 thousand 2243
3 kilowatts 1,92,360 57.360 1,25000 ten thousand 2803


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