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Yadadri Bhuvanagiri: Yadadri Sree Lakshminarasimhaswamy’s temple Hundi counting was conducted. In a statement, the temple EO said that in the 21-day hundi counting on Tuesday, an income of Rs.1,64,34,524 (1 crore, 64 lakh, 34 thousand, 524) rupees was received. In this hundi calculation, 86 grams of alloyed gold and 750 grams of alloyed silver of 2 kg were obtained.

Foreign Rupees in Hundi are US $2368, Australia $25, Canada $20, UAE Dirhams 35, Reals 11, Qatar 13, Europe 30, Kuwait 11, Malaysia 1, Vitinum 70,000, England 20, Singapore 2, Bhutan 3, Nepal 100, France 20, East Africa 100. He said that it came in the form of The counting of this temple continued under the supervision of the temple EO Gita and Devadaya Department officials while the temple employees and others participated in this hundi counting.

Permanent income..
Srilakshminarasimhaswamy Devasthanam Yadadri Kshetra temple officials reported that the income of the Lord’s temple was Rs. 9,12,657 on Tuesday. The Patagutta temple, which is an endowment temple, and the Swami’s regular income from various branches, temple officials said.

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